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The price of a translation, the price of quality

The price of a translation

Price is the value that we give and which, quite obviously, is determined by the quality of the service or product we receive. Agreeing on the price of a translation is fundamental. Agreeing on the quality is more complex, but equally important. The quality is judged based on the objective expectations of the client, and with regard to the knowledge needed by the translator.

What is a translation price estimation based on?

The quoted price of a translation takes into account a number of technical constraints, the language pairs, the deadline, the required knowledge and the field of expertise for the text.

The price of the translation is thus determined based on many criteria:

  • The language combination => source and target languages
  • The field => technical level of the text
  • The deadline
  • The volume => the number of words to translate
  • If the project is recurrent or not
An evaluation phase is therefore vitally important to guarantee the quality of the work and that it meets the customer's expectations. This phase ends with an offer and a contract.

Verifying the price of a translation is good, verifying the translator is better.

It's quite common that a customer’s first reflex is to focus on the quoted price of a translation. However, the price is actually a datum quite abstract for a customer. In order to truly have confidence in the service and to understand the nature of the work he is purchasing, he should ask for more than a mere price estimation. He needs information about the translation agency to allow him to purchase these linguistic services in peace.

A quality translation agency doesn't “give” a price, they calculate it.

First, the agency will undertake to understand the goals of your translation. Before evaluating the price of the translation project, the agency should try to understand the customer’s expectations. These expectations can include: the goal of the document, the deadline, the type of the document and the specialized fields involved, the people involved with the project and those responsible for receiving the document, technical context, methods for transmitting the documents, and their file formats.

An agency offering a good translation experience

The agency will determine the price of the translation, but will also choose the right person for translating your documents. An experienced professional, completely dedicated to his specialized field.

A quality translation agency is dedicated to finding THE translator who conforms to your goals and budget. The agency will search for the perfect correlation between the translation project and the experience of the translator. A good translator in a very specific field doesn’t just grow on trees. That’s why a good translation agency works closely with a team of specialized translators.

It’s only within a certain range of prices that you can find this expertise, this quality guarantee. That doesn’t mean that the rates should be considered expensive. Simply, it means that you should ask yourself what kind of results you are hoping to obtain. And, when you are looking for quality, pay particular attention to rates which are too low. There is a full range of prices that you will encounter among translation service providers (agencies or independent translators). The differences are caused by a number of factors. So ask the right question: that of the expected result.

The price of a professional translation agency

With a professional translation agency, you will be able to count on a fair estimate, corresponding to a good translator and a quality translation. Whether the translations are of a very technical nature, sworn, or from or to less-common languages, they will be reliable and adapted to your needs.

The document translations will be handled by one person or a team of translators depending on the requirements of the task. The translated elements will be verified and reformatted on the page to meet the specific conditions of the source document, ensuring the delivered document conforms to your expectations.


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