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Having my marketing material translated

Having my marketing material translated

An e-mail marketing campaign that is effective in every language.

Adapting my marketing material in multiple languages

For a brand, a company, in a time of economic globalisation, there is no other choice than to plan for marketing at an international level. The functionality and benefits of a product or service should be fully understood and the appeal properly conveyed.

It is more than just optional or favourable to translate marketing material, and more specifically e-mail marketing campaigns, which, despite rarely being convincing or well adapted, are still particularly effective.

Loyal to the customer culture

The translation of a newsletter or a promotional e-mail must meet the marketing objectives set out for that type of material. It requires a translation/adaptation to convey the message with all of the weight, or levity, of the original document in the target language.

That is why an adaptation works on the structure and tonality, two very important elements in guaranteeing that the translation is more than a simple localisation and is, in fact, a complete adaptation, loyal to the strategy of the original communication.

An e-mail marketing translation must be adapted for the target audience's cultural references and the area of the brand. For example, an e-mail destined for multiple English-speaking countries with different cultural references requires a translation that is neither too literary nor too typical.

A marketing translation should adapt to the standard marketing practices of the target country, including the methods consumers have of receiving such communications. In some regions, consumers may be swayed more from a very pragmatic outline detailing the benefits of a product, while in other regions, they are more likely to respond to the culture or history of a brand.

These kinds of translation require an excellent base of data and information on the local markets involved, the habits of the consumers, and their preferences in promotions and marketing.

The adaptation of a document, as regards its marketing strategy within a country, is all a part of the translation. The goal is to “touch” the consumer by having a good understanding of his habits.

What you must know

When translating marketing documents there is not one, and only one, way to translate the text, but there is just one way to make sure that the translation follows the marketing objectives of the document.

It must be created with style

Style is the cornerstone, without which a message would lose its appeal. Translating a promotional text or marketing prospectus within an e-mail campaign can only work if the style is understood by the target country's audience. Adapting to this requires a writing ability that goes beyond simple translation. It requires creativity in perfect harmony with the expectations of the local consumers.

The style and tone must also be apparent in the way a promotional e-mail or newsletter is formatted. Indeed, depending on the country, the type and tonality of the key messages will have an influence on the overall aesthetic. It is the weight and choice of the words that will give the content its colour and shape it.


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