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Translating the Bible into African languages

traduction bible 2 1200An exceptional seminar is being held in Cape Town, South Africa, from March 13-19 2016. Organised by the Biblical Apostolate Centre of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar, this meeting of clergy members comes in response to the issues brought forth by Archbishop Stephen Brislin, president of the Southern Episcopal Conference of Africa. “The Church in Africa must address the challenges of today by cooperating with other Christian denominations to translate the bible for all of the languages of our continent.”

In his opening statement, Archbishop Brislin called for his fellow African Bishops to assemble multilingual priests trained in exegesis, as well as other disciplines, to translate the Bible. According to the Archbishop, the Catholic Church in Africa has the responsibility and the duty to carry God's word to all people of good will.

To that end, it is very important to have at their disposal skilled exegetes who can translate the Bible to the multitude of communal African languages. During his speech, Archbishop Brislin accentuated the importance of the cohesion of the people and between the people, underlining the greed and racial tensions that widened the gap between the rich and the poor, amidst an abundance of resources.

The coordinator of the seminar, Father Yves-Lucien Evga-Ndjana, explained that the workshops would be divided in two parts. The first part would be dedicated to the need to promote the translation of the Bible into the various local African languages. The second would discuss the possibility of adding the Biblical Apostolate to the programmes of seminars and religious training centres.

The closing statements of the exceptional conference will present a summary of the event and the next steps necessary for the translation of the Bible into more African languages.

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