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Our Quality Charter

SOTRATECH's mission is to translate all types of documents, in all languages, to agreed deadlines while ensuring a maximum level of quality in our work. SOTRATECH offers all its clients the following 16-point statement of undertakings: n:

  • Your call will be dealt with immediately
  • Our brochures will be sent to you within 24 hours 
  • Our quotes will be submitted within an hour of your request
  • Our quotes will detail every component of the service offered (cost, deadlines, supplementary charges, etc.)
  • The same company representative will accompany you throughout the service period 
  • You will enjoy the services of a specialized translator for your translation, who will translate only into his or her native language
  • You will have access to information throughout the translation process 
  • The translation will be completed and delivered to you by the agreed deadline
  • Translations will be proofread by translators/professional proofreaders
  • Invoices will be clear and detailed 
  • Professional confidentiality is systematically respected 
  • Our translators and proofreaders are recruited through a process guaranteeing a maximum level of quality
  • The performance of our translators is regularly evaluated
  • Operational databases, files and proprietary programs and client files are securely stored. We create translation memories for you
  • Your satisfaction will be evaluated through surveys
  • All complaints will be handled and receive a response within 48 hours


3 rue Paul Lafargue
92800 Puteaux
Phone : +33 (0)1 47 78 02 30
Mail : sotratech@sotratech.com

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