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5 tricks for translating your product sheets well and selling more!

When shopping online, who hasn’t run into product sheets that were near incomprehensible? Haven’t you, like me, refused to make a purchase at times because you were unable to sufficiently understand the details of the product you sought? Yes, translating your e-commerce product sheets in another language opens the door on new markets, but it is still important to make sure the sheets are translated well!

 Sélection de traducteurs - Les critères

A good translation requires, above all, a good translator. So, how do you go about making the right choice when it comes to a translator? For a translation agency, what are the criteria and methods they use when selecting translators to join there team? How do they sort applicants? Here’s a view of the important criteria to keep in mind to ensure quality translations.

The price of a translation

Price is the value that we give and which, quite obviously, is determined by the quality of the service or product we receive. Agreeing on the price of a translation is fundamental. Agreeing on the quality is more complex, but equally important. The quality is judged based on the objective expectations of the client, and with regard to the knowledge needed by the translator.

What is a translation price estimation based on?

Having my marketing material translated

An e-mail marketing campaign that is effective in every language.

Adapting my marketing material in multiple languages

For a brand, a company, in a time of economic globalisation, there is no other choice than to plan for marketing at an international level. The functionality and benefits of a product or service should be fully understood and the appeal properly conveyed.

It is more than just optional or favourable to translate marketing material, and more specifically e-mail marketing campaigns, which, despite rarely being convincing or well adapted, are still particularly effective.

interprete 1200There is often confusion between the work of translators and interpreters. Since these two professions require similar competencies, few know the differences and how to distinguish them. Nevertheless, translating and interpreting are quite distinct activities. Their requirements and end goals are quite different in practice.

Before presenting the particularities of a translator and interpreter, let's look first at their commonalities and differences.

Both translators and interpreters translate a language from a foreign source to their native language. Both the translator and interpreter must perfectly master at least two languages.

The greatest difference is that a translator works primarily on written translations while an interpreter works with oral translations.


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